Start your journey to recovery with our integrated and holistic rehabilitation services, located in the dynamic center of our community.

We care about you and your health and will do everything we can to ensure your treatment and recovery is successful.


Our Recovery Wellness Centre is more than just a place to heal where every aspect of your well being is our priority. From physical rehabilitation to emotional support, we are there to help you regain your strength and confidence.


Our Recovery Wellness Centre is more than just a place to heal where every aspect of your well being is our priority. From physical rehabilitation to emotional support, we are there to help you regain your strength and confidence.



Psycho-education at our Recovery Wellness Center is a transformative journey, where clients unlock the power of understanding and managing their me


Relapse Prevention

At our Recovery Wellness Center, relapse prevention is not just a program, it's a revitalizing experience that nurtures both mind and soul. We



Detoxification is the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant life, offering a rejuvenating gateway to long-term wellness. At our Recovery Wel


Alcoholism Treatment

At our Recovery Wellness Centre, we provide the besttreatment, creating a nurturing space for you to heal both mind and body from alcoholism. Our d


Substance Abuse Treatment

At Recovery Wellness Centre, we offer a compassionate, holistic approach to substance abuse treatment, focusing on both mental and physical healing


Therapies to help people change bad habits and thoughts, improving their lives.

Behavioral Therapies

At our Recovery Wellness Center, we use behavioral therapies to help people get better. This means we teach them ways to change bad habits and thou


Caring Medical Unit with expert staff and modern treatments for physical and mental healing.

Medical Unit

At our Recovery Wellness Centre, we are proud to introduce our dedicated Medical Unit, a special place where healing and comfort are our top priori


CCTV in public areas for safety and incident review, respecting privacy in private spaces.

CCTV Surveillance

In Recovery Wellness Center, having CCTV cameras around is really helpful. They're put in places where everyone hangs out, like the living room


Dedicated professionals providing expert care and compassionate support on your healing Journey.

Experienced Team

Our team at Recovery Wellness Centre is made up of experienced mental health specialists, each with a deep understanding of addiction recovery. The


Offering the best facilities for comfort, care, and comprehensive recovery in a nurturing environment.

Best Facilities

At Recovery Wellness Centre, we ensure our patients have everything they need for a focused recovery journey, all under one roof. Our center offers


A perfect space for open dialogue and personal growth, guiding you towards a healthier and empowered life.

Counseling Session

At Recovery Wellness Centre, one of the key ways we help the addicts and their families through counseling, which is basically one-on-one. This typ


Effective healing supporting both physical and mental wellness on your journey of recovery.


When a person is recovering from an addiction to any addictive substances, they might need to take medication regularly. This is especially true fo


Yoga therapy in Rehab is agentle way to heal one’s body, mind, and soul together.

Yoga Therapy

At Recovery Wellness Centre, we prioritize the well-being of our patients through daily Yoga practices. Guided by a seasoned Yoga Therapist, our pa


Offering a secure and supportive environment for those on the path to healing.

Inpatient Rehab

At Recovery Wellness Centre, we offer inpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Our approach starts with understanding your unique situat

Our Mission

Aiming for a free lifefrom addiction at Recovery Wellness Centre

Our physiotherapists are constantly investing time and resources researching the latest treatments, We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment planl.

Recovery Wellness Centre was established with a clear mission to assist individuals in overcoming addiction. The center's goal is to inspire people to reconstruct their lives.

Recovery Wellness Centre guides every person under their care towards a better way of life, one that is completely free from any form of addiction. Recognized as a leading rehabilitation center in Guwahati, Assam, it is a place where individuals and families place their trust to foster positive changes in the lives of their loved ones.

Recovery Wellness Centre is committed to building healthier and safer communities. The approach is to tackle substance abuse problems from the ground up, focusing on education and collaboration.


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